We believe we can change the way we organize our lives

Our lives are getting more and more complicated. We need to find a way to handle our life situations.
We're here to give you a new solution. That's Surge.

What's Surge?

Surge is a social life manager you can use anywhere! Whether you are at home, or on the go you can surge it up. We're offering a service where you can track and act upon every aspects of your life.

How are we different?

We're not a simple todolist or task manager. We are easy to use. We have put the focus on the social experience and offer numerous features that will help manage your life.

Social experience

Share your activities, tasks, milestones with your friends, family and even the world if you want. Anyone can help you take part of your life.

Get your task done by anyone

Assign your task to friends, helpers in one step. Track the entire progress within Surge. It's that easy.

Simple interface

We put the focus on having a simple interface to use and yet have all the main features a life manager should have.

Find a Helper

Food delivery, home repair or anything you can imagine. Just assign it and you'll be able to track the progress within our app.

Pascal Muang Khot

During his university time, Pascal realized that there was no tool to efficiently manage our lives. He created Surge to solve this issue. He worked in the past with multiple startups in San Francisco and Paris in various industries: finance, marketing, product & communication and medical. Pascal holds a B.S. with honors in Computer Science from SUPINFO International University.

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